• Hooding systems
  • Shrinking systems
  • Strapping systems
  • Conveyor systems for pallets
  • End-of-line projects and engineering

Company BOCEDI, founded in 1996, specializes in the construction of automatic machines for packing palleted and palletless loads on, and is leader in projects for the complete end-of-the-line machine systems.

Company BOCEDI builds:

  • Stretch hooders – multiple size
  • Shrink hooders – multiple size
  • Combined shrink hooders
  • Wrapping and banding machines
  • Tunnel shrink ovens using gas or electric resistances for warm air shrinking process
  • Ring shrink ovens using gas or electric
  • Shrink wrappers for small packages
  • Horizontal and vertical strapping machines
  • Corner applicator
  • Electro pneumatic centering devices
  • 90° and/or 180° turntables
  • Hydraulic lifting platforms
  • Conveyances by chains, belts, motorized rollers and idles
  • 90° transfer and shuttle cars
  • Complete automatic end-of-line packaging machines for palleted and palletless loads
  • Machines designed with special features according to the clients needs
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